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Send the tropics to them! This palm plant adds a grace note to any home or office. (Note: The plate..

$55.95 Ex Tax: $55.95
Paradise Island

This wild and wonderful array of exotic flowers in a metallic cylinder vase is a contemporary work o..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $69.95
Parlor Palm

This plant enjoys indirect light, making it perfect for most indoor settings. With its impressive he..

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Party in Pink

Dress up any room in party perfect pinks, with this charming bouquet of light and dark pink roses. I..

$56.95 Ex Tax: $56.95
Pastel Rose Bubble Bowl

Romantic and simple, these roses are sure to warm anyone's heart...

$84.95 Ex Tax: $84.95
Peace and Serenity Planter

The Peace Lily plant extends white blossoms like candles above its glossy, dark green leaves. It's t..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95
Peaceful White Lilies Basket

As peaceful and beautiful as a starry night, this pure white funeral bouquet is a touching way to ..

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Peach Roses and Lilies

Whether it's pure joy or pure love, this gorgeous arrangement of peach roses and lilies is surely th..

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Peppermint Posies

This tall Christmas bouquet is graphic, bold and stylish! Red carnations mingle with evergreens and ..

$57.95 Ex Tax: $57.95
Perfect Day  Bouquet

Roses and Oriental lilies to wish your special recipient a day like none other! Pink roses, white Or..

$58.95 Ex Tax: $58.95
Perfect Fusion arrangement

Here is a perfect fusion between wild and exotic flowers. Lovely arrangement of yellow gerbera, whit..

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Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

With its understated elegance, this gorgeous white orchid plant is a long-lasting choice. Perfect fo..

$44.95 Ex Tax: $44.95
Picket Fence Azalea

The flowering plants of spring are here in full, glorious bloom. Framed by a dazzling white picket f..

$45.95 Ex Tax: $45.95
Picket Fence Kalanchoe

The lovely, long-lasting Kalanchoe plant finds its perfect setting inside a miniature version of a s..

$45.95 Ex Tax: $45.95
Pink and Lavender Basket

What birthday wouldn't be merrier when this garden-style arrangement filled with joyous pink and pur..

$89.95 Ex Tax: $89.95
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